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January 22, 2013
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Dance lessons 3
Spain x reader

You were now at Spain's house waiting for him to finish his shower and get changed so you guys could go out. You were currently playing with Sheldon as the two love birds behind you kept on giggling. 'Someone kill me' you thought trying your best to ignore the two. You didn't like the idea of being the third wheel so just sitting there with them wasn't fun. You just wanted to walk around even if only for a few minutes. "I'll be right back" you said as you got up, pushed open the sliding glass door, and walked out to the backyard closing the door behind you.
"Hey did you hear something?" Michelle asked.
"Don't-a worry about it, Bella. I'm sure it was nothing"
You stood on a small hill that over looked the many tomato fields. You pulled out the shopping bag with the three tomatoes and pulled one out. You then cut it with your pocket knife and put one half on the ground for Sheldon and started eating your half.
"The sky is beautiful, oui?" You whipped your head around to see a man with cerulean blue yes and shoulder length blonde hair that was tied up in the back with a ribbon. "Ja, it is" said another voice. You turned your head the other way to see a man with ruby red eyes and Platinum hair. You raised an eyebrow.
"Umm do you guys need something?" You asked curious of to why these people were standing over you when all you wanted to do was eat your tomato.
"We just wanted to know why a pretty lady like yourself was sitting out here all alone?" The blonde said as he pulled out a rose and handed it to you.
"Well I'm just waiting for Toni so we can go and find something to do"
"Kesesesese, well Frau I'm Gilbert and this is Francis" he said pointing to the blonde. " we're friends of Toni and we were wondering if you would join us in a little game?" You looked at them suspiciously. "What kind of game?"                  
" a fun game~" Francis said.
"Why should I?"
"Because I'm awesome" you stared at Gilbert then finally shrugged your shoulders. "Fine whatever, better than sitting here" then then escorted you to a large white van that had larger letters that printed 'I'm awesome' on the side.
"I'm guessing that's yours?" You said pointing to the van.
"Yup! Isn't it awesome!"
"Sure...." They then opened the door revealing another person already inside. You took a seat next to a girl.
"Hello" you said gaining her attention.
"O-oh I'm-a so sorry I was just-a taking a small siesta! I'm Felicia!~"
For some reason she reminded you a lot of Romano with the curl, the face, and that accent.
"Hey you wouldn't happen to know a Romano would you?"
"He's-a my brother! Oh I forgot to ask what's your name?"
"(Name), so do you know what's going on?" You asked still curious as to what this game was.
"We'll big brother Francis said we were going to play a fun game and I really didn't want to go but then he said were gonna get pasta so I tagged along~"
"I see......" You then felt the van start to move. 'I wonder where were heading' you thought as you saw Toni's house getting smaller and smaller.
"Felicia, I'm back" Ludwig walked inside the house that him and Felicia were renting with his three dogs at his side. He didn't hear a response. "Felicia?"
'Shes probably in the kitchen again, I just hope she isn't making a mess' he thought as he entered the kitchen only to find it clean and spotless. "Where is she?" He then heard one of his dogs barking. He walked into his office to find his dog barking. He looked on the desk and found a letter. 'Whats this?' He opened the letter and started to read.

My dearest brother,
    Remember how you said I could live in the house any more because I wouldn't pay the bills, do the chores, put the toilet seat down blah blah blah. Well I'm getting revenge mein freund! I have your little girlfriend and I won't return her until you allow the awesome me back at the house. And don't forget I have Francis with me! And Toni isn't here so there's no hope unless you give me back the key!
                                                                           Sincerely the awesomest,
P.s. I took all the beer. You should really buy more.

"He didn't!!!" Ludwig stared at the letter in disbelief. All because he kicked him out the house he steals his girlfriend. Ludwig dropped the letter and ran toward the door. "When I get my hands on him I'm gonna (censored)!!" Ludwig yelled as he ran out the door.
Here's chapter 3 hope ya like


I own nothin except the story bro!
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Oh man at the end when Ludwig said "he didn't!" I was sure he would run to the fridge to see if Prussia took all the beer xD

Oh, Prussia is in real deep sh*t isn't he?
Mlpino Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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