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January 18, 2013
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Dance lessons 2
Spain x reader

"(Name) wake up!" You felt someone pushing you. "Stop....5.....more....minutes...."
"Okay~ I didn't want to have to do this~" you heard her walk away.
'Finally piece and quie-" your thoughts were then interrupted by a cold sensation running down your back. You bolted up and saw Michelle holding a small plastic water gun. She squirted you some more. The water was ice cold.
"Your so dead!" You said as you picked up your pillow. You then started chasing Michelle around the hotel room. You both ran and jumped across the room until both of you feel on the floor. You then smacked her in the face with the pillow.
"There now were even!" You said as you collapsed on the floor. You turned over and looked at the clock on the wall.
"What the hell?! It's like seven in the morning!" You narrowed your eyes and looked at her. "Why would you do this to me!"
"Well I thought we could go shopping" she said with a smile.
"And we couldn't do this later!"
"Nope~" you facepalmed.
'Whatever I mine as well go since I'm already up' you thought as you got up and went to get dressed.
You and Michelle were now shopping crowded produce markets.
"You know when you said we would be shopping I didn't expect it to be here"
You said as you looked to your friend who was smiling away. "Ok, what's going on?" You asked giving her a look.
"Huh? What are you talking about?"
"The smiling, the waking up early, the bring me here, your up to something"
"No, I'm not "
"Sure, sure that's what they all say" you said as you rolled your eyes. You then spotted a small tomato stand. You tapped Michelle's shoulder gaining her attention. "I'm gonna get some tomatoes for Sheldon"
"Ok, wait where is Sheldon?" The little turtle then popped his head out of your purse.
"Of course...just don't get kidnapped~"
"Whatever" you then walked over to the small tomato stand. You looked over all the beautiful fruit.
"Hola, usted está mirando para comprar los tomates hoy?"
"Uhh...lo siento pero no puedo mota españoles que así" you said as best as you could hoping he would understand.
"Oh, you must be a tourist, si?" You nodded.
"Then how may I help you, as you can see there are plenty of beautiful fruits and vegetables ready to be eaten" he gave you a big smile.
"I would like three tomatoes please"  the man then put the tomatoes in a bag as you handed him the money. He then handed you the bag.
"Do you like tomatoes, Chica?" Said a voice behind you. You quickly whipped your head around to see the dance instructor holding a crate.
"M-mr.Carriedo!? What are you doing here?"
"Please call me Toni"
"Okay, Toni what are you doing here? Are you here to buy tomatoes?"
"Actually I'm the one who grows the tomatoes he opened the top of the crate to show you all the ripe red tomatoes"
You then heard the man from the stand shout. "
"Toni how are you? ¿conoce los tomates que te pedí?"
"Estoy bien gracias, y sí, aquí está todo bien y sus tomates maduros ~ "
He then placed the big crate next to the stand.
"gracias Toni, su mejor"
"no hay problema"
He then turned to you. "So what are you doing here, Chica?"
"Oh, I was just here shopping with my friend although I don't know where she went" you said as you looked around.
"Is that your friend over there?" he pointed to an area behind you so you turned around to see Michelle sitting at a table with that Italian guy from the dance studio.
'You sneaky little! So that's why she woke me up so early and was so happy today!' You thought as you looked at them. Michelle then made eye contact with you and grabbed the mans hand and walked down towards you two.
"(Name) this is Romano~"
"Hello" you said with a wave.
"So what were you guys planning on doing today?"
"Well were probably just gonna head back to the hote-" Michelle then covered your mouth with her hand.
"We don't really have anything planned so if you guys wanna hang out we'd be cool with that" she said with a big grin.
"Si, that would be fun right Roma?"
"Okay that's fine with me" he said as he crossed his arms and had a small blush on his face. You rolled your eyes as you heard Michelle giggle.
"Well let me just get into a new change of clothes then we can go" Antonio said as he started walking to a truck. Romano walked to the truck then turned to you two. "What are you guys waiting for come on"
You and Michelle looked at each other. "Well we can't keep them waiting you said as you walked toward the truck.
Well here's the second part hope you like


I don't own anything except the story
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