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January 19, 2013
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Canada x reader

"Ouch" you said as you got hit by another low branch. Your legs were hurting but you knew you couldn't stop now. "Get back here!" You heard one of the men  chasing you yell.
'In your dreams!' You thought before hiding behind a tree.
"Where did he go?!"
"I don't know!"
"We'll look for him!"
You silently giggled to yourself but you made sure not to make it to loud. You stopped as soon as you heard them getting closer. You tried to scurry away but twisted your ankle in the process. 'Shoot!' Your hoodie was probably covered with dirt now but that was the least of your worries.
'Maybe they didn't hear me fall' you thought your ray of hope still shining bright.
"Hey I think I heard something over here!"
'Crap! I guess this is the end huh.....' You looked around the dark Forrest. 'Just great' you then covered your eyes with your hands hoping the pain would just come and be done and over with. You then felt your self being picked up by the waist. You were about to let out a squeak but was stopped by someone covering your mouth with there hand. You looked to the side to see a boy about your age with blonde hair, violet eyes and a small curl hanging in front of his face. He mouthed the words be quiet and you nodded. He then removed his hand from your mouth and carried you up to a high branch on the tree. You looked down to see the three guys who were chasing you look around.
"Where did he go?!"
"How the hell would I know!"
"Dammit whatever he probably wasn't worth our time anyways lets go"
You then watched as the three men walked away leaving you and the other man alone.
"Phew, that my friend was a close one" you said relieve you didn't have to fight one of those guys. You turned to your hero. "Thanks, you really helped me out of that pickle there"
"No problem" you were about to stand up and climb down but you felt a pain in your ankle and fell back on the branch.
"H-hey are you o-ok?"
"Y-yeah, I'm fine I think I just sprained my ankle"
"Here let me help you" he then helped you climb up on his back. He then climbed down the tree.
"Don't worry I have a tree house not to far from here with a first aid g kit"
He then carried you up another tree house to a small tree house. As soon as he opened the door you noticed that it was all dusty inside as if it wasn't used in quite a while. He then set you down on a chair and walked over to the first aid kit box. The silence was killing you so you decided to start some small talk.
"So why were you in a tree?" He walked back toward you with the first aid kit in hand.
"We'll I was asleep actually, I usually go out in to the woods a lot. I guess you could say I just really like being around nature" you then raised your jeans up a bit as he started wrapping your ankle up.
"So why were those guys chasing you? If you don't mind me asking"
"Well you see...."
~flash back
You were walking through the streets of your small town. It's was a little cold so you were wearing your blue hoodie with the hood pulled over your head.
You were aimlessly walking when all of a sudden you heard yelling. You turned the corner to see three men cornering around a young kid.
"Come on eyebrows, we know you have some money on you"
"For the bloody last time I don't have money" you tried getting a closer look at the people. The young boy had messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and the hugest eyebrows you've ever seen. You then heard them talking again.
"Don't lie to us! We've seen where you and your older brother live! Not just anyone can buy a mansion of that size!" He then pushed the boy to the other guy. "Stop! Or else ill tell my brother Arthur!"
"Oh and what's he gonna do cook for us" he said with a smirk. He then pushed the the boy to the ground and he started to cry. That's where you drew the line.
You ran up to them and kicked one of the men in the middle of his back. They stood there dumbfounded that someone would have the nerve to do that and this gave you enough time to grab the kid and run.
"Hurry up before they beat us both to a pulp!"
"O-okay" he said trying his best to keep up. You could see he was getting tired quickly. You had to think something up and fast. You then noticed a small stack of cardboard boxes. You lead the boy over to them.
"Here hid in here" you said quickly hiding him behind the boxes.
"B-but what about you?"
"I'll be fine don't worry about me" you said giving him a reassuring smile.
You were about to dash away when you felt him grab you
"Thank you"
"No prob and remember don't come out till you know there gone" you then heard the men catching up. You gave the boy one last smile before running off.
"So you risked your life for someone you didn't even know?"
"Yeah, I mean I'm sure if he could he would do the same for me"
"And this boy you said he had blue eyes and bushy eyebrows?"
"Yup" he smiled
"Thank you"
"Huh? For what? If anything I should be saying thank you" he pulled out his phone then showed you a picture of the boy you saw earlier.
"Whoa! That's him"
"That's my younger cousin Peter" he then got up to put the first aid kit away.
"So can I know the name of my hero?" You said as you pulled down your hood letting your hair fall in your face. "My name is Matthew , what's you-" he stopped and just started at you, completely speechless.
"Y-you're a girl?!"
"Ummm...yeah.." Matthew's started turning red.
"What just because I'm a girl your having trouble talking to me now?" You said with a slight pout.
"Seems like it to me" you said with a grin.
'Calm down Matthew, she just a girl, that I bandaged up, carried on my back, and grabbed by the waist, and.." His face was getting redder with ever thought.
You giggled as you watched all of this you then looked at your watch.
'Dang it's that late already! My moms gonna kill me!' You looked over to the Canadian.  You walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He looked at you. "Thank you" you said before turning and heading out the door. Matthew stood there then realized what happened and ran out after you. You were almost half way down the tree when you heard him yell.
"W-wait I haven't even gotten your name!!" You looked up at him and smiled.
"My name is (name), (name) (last name)" you got to the ground and pulled a piece of paper out of your pocket and scribbled your number on it. You then folded it into a plane and flew it to him before running off. Matthew caught it and smiled to himself.
"I hope we can meet again"
This is a request for :iconmangaanime831:

I hope you like it~


I own nothing except the story
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