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December 5, 2012
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Awesome secrets
Chapter 2

"who's that boy aru?"
Everyone's eyes were on you. Your throat felt dry.
"umm, my name is (dude name that sounds like yours) I'm the country of (country name)"
Everyone started Talking and whispering to each other. 'was it something I said?'
Liechtenstein could sense you were feeling troubled. She then whispered in your ear" don't worry (name) they always do this when there are new countries" you felt a small bit relieved.
"ok dudes time to get this meeting started!!!"

~time skip~

"(dude name)" you felt someone poking your cheek. You opened your eyes to see Liechtenstein.
"huh, the meeting is over already?"
"yeah, you feel asleep near the end of it"
"(name), come on I want you to meet some people" she pulled you over to the far side of the room where most of the female nations were at.
A girl with a green dress and long brown hair then saw you two comming over.
"hi lilli! So this is (real name)" you froze. 'how does she know my name? Is it that obvious I'm not a guy?' As if reading your mind the hungarian answered. "I'm Hungary and Liechtenstein already told me your little secret but you really did fool me when you walked in"
You turned to your sister "is there anyone else who already knows?"
"no, I only told Hungary" Hungary then let out a fake cough "well I might've told the rest of the female nations"
You and lilli sighed. Switzerland probably wasn't going to be happy about that but as long as the males didn't find out you would probably be fine.
You were getting along with all the female nations in your little group, even Belarus warmed up to you. "hey I'll be right back I just need to get water" you then dashed out of the room and into the hallway. You took a small sip when you felt another presence.
"so your the new country" you pulled out your gun and pointed it at the persons face. You turned around to become face to face with a certain group of 5. A man with blonde hair and dark indigo eyes was staring at you with a expressionless face. You now lowered your weapon.
"umm, yes I'm (country name)" it looked as if his eyes were scanning over you unaffected by the fact that you could've killed him.
A man with wild blonde hair came from behind the Norwegian.
he then wrapped an arm around your shoulder. "I'm Denmark but you can call me the king of northern Europe, since your a new country you should buy me some beer" 'what does me being a new country have to do with me getting him beer?!' you thought to yourself. The blonde then pulled on the dane's tie making him fall to the floor.
A Finnish man then walked up to you. "I'm sorry, they usually are like this I'm Finland and this is Sweden" he said pointing to a taller man behind him.
You gave them a sweet smile. "it's nice to meet you"
"you sound like a girl" a boy who almost looked like the Norwegian said although he had slightly lighter hair and purple eyes.
Norway and Denmark stopped strangling each other and looked at you.
Hungary then jumped in "hey don't be mean to him he's just going through puberty" your face started growing red. 'this is getting awkward....' Switzerland then burst in with Liechtenstein following behind. He grabbed your military uniform and dragged you out of the room, heading home.
Here chapter 2 hope you like


I own nothing except the story
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m00nlight101 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheTalkingTomato Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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She kicked prussias ass like nobody's business (I believe it's in S3, not sure)
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TheRealParisBonnefoy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
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